“Maury's work is very intense. Beautifully connected to Spirit. Something happens. It works"  CN


“My experience of Maury is that he dwells in the higher states of loving consciousness. His eye contact during sessions is deeply healing and intimate. His presence makes me know my own higher self. Maury’s work has helped me make huge leaps in healing severe abuse pains and lack of self love that I have not been able to cope with before, even after years of much effort. He’s truly a beautiful healer.”  TK


“I am happy beyond words! After 15 years, I could finally today, without tremendous pain from my tailbone, sit on a chair again!! As a bonus: My neck and shoulders didn't bother me at all when sitting nor when I was walking. It´s a miracle.” CA



“Your ability to change patterns is profound."  AMB

”Thank you so very much for all you did. It worked!” ACR