Most physical and mental health problems are triggered by something. Reactions are prevented as we desensitize select triggers and eliminate others.

Ideally you never want to have a reaction again. Realistically though it may happen.

Thankfully you can greatly reduce the odds, quantity, intensity, and duration of future reactions with a blend of daily support and practices which integrate into your life.

When reactions are prevented
and proper healing methods are integrated into life

I find that most health issues heal by themselves
without medicine or supplements.


The Allergy Code Solutions help you prevent and minimize reactions

  1. Desensitize environmental and other sensitivities which cannot be navigated. I can help you see your body's reaction pattern to select triggers. Environmental and other triggers which cannot be navigated, we desensitize.

  2. Learn to navigate hidden food allergy triggers and predict potential problems before they happen. Accuracy can approach 100% with training and practice.

  3. Learn to notice bellwether or advance warning signs alerting you to a pending reaction. Nip them in the bud. It is easier to change course and stop a reaction before it starts or is full blown. Rebound quicker and reclaim your life!

  4. Learn techniques to desensitize environmental triggers as they arise.


The Allergy Code Solution teaches 'Navigate what you can, desensitize the rest'


The straight scoop: In 2004 I discovered a method to desensitize everything with incredible results for myself and clients. Years later I painfully discovered that food and environmental  desensitization may only last a few years in some cases. I had to adjust the teachings and methods for safety and long term efficacy which is very important to me.

This led me to develop an advanced intuitive navigation component as a critical part of the program. I now question the wisdom of food desensitization without intuitive navigation as a backup. 

after years of suffering,
a long term solution is the best path


Cultivating abilities to navigate the mystery of food, environment and life choices is a foundational step on the health and life rebuilding journey.  Life, sensitivities, and allergies are dynamic. Conventional tests are static, not 100% accurate, sometimes inaccurate and in my opinion cannot always be relied upon to safely guide. Furthermore they only test a small fraction of the potential issues.

I have been teaching intuitive navigation for many years in other decisions making contexts and it has shown its potency to positively supports all aspects of a person's life.

Navigation abilities will last a lifetime and help you in many ways.



Th Allergy Code Solution uses objective self observation of your subtle body vibrations as a reaction meter to test everything.
When you cultivate your abilities the benefits will last a lifetime.