Reactive response patterns on the other hand obstruct a healthy flow of energy and blood while diminishing the effectiveness of organs and body systems. A mind-body disharmony often causes pockets of weakness and a domino effect of subtle symptoms anywhere in the body.


I look for smooth harmonious relationship but work to purge and release sick, stagnant and unsupportive trauma laden energies so the real you can begin to shine. With harmony is a gentle mind body integrated balance which supports a feel good experience so you can focus on the things which are most important to you instead of being sick.

I work with them like clay to help you purge and release sick, stagnant and unsupportive energies so the real you can once again begin to shine.

Exploring the energy of someones body as though I can physically reach inside and feel the vibrational story of every cell is the cornerstone of my healing practices and teachings. As I feel the vibrations of your cells and and explore their deeper nature I become a conductor of the music inside of you. All mind thought interacting with body experiences are become vibrations in or out of tune.

My job is to guide the interactive relationship  of your body reactions and thoughts  back to a gentle and functional harmonious relationship which support easy  thinking and peaceful feelings in the body.

Vibranetics™ (vibrational-energetics) the name which best describes the unique, creatively guided, interactive nature of my work has evolved to be a container for many unique healing concepts and systems which I have been guided to create and evolve over the years. For simplicity of message, I include under Vibranetics my evolution of the ancient Shen Qi Dao Medical Qigong lineage I have evolved although rightly it is it's own unique power healing system.

I will be introducing these systems one at a time as I assess how to best incorporate them in a way which will best support my objective to help you as your healer or teacher without causing confusion and overwhelm which is easily possible when we move into the head instead of the experiential body teachings.


I have been guided to creatively explore many aspects of the