You know reactions are happening. Maybe you are feeling them as body pain or they're affecting your ability to think clearly, make good decisions and have a quality relationship. You just want them to go away.

Reactions can have many causes. With a system I created called Vibranetics™ and ancient 'Qigong Energy Heals' methods I intuitively and empathically communicate with the subtle vibrational essence of your body to find healing answers. In one session we typically release the charge from a selection of subconscious trauma memories to cleanse old wounds. Your body and mind heal by themselves once the rancid charge held in wounds are cleansed. You experience a refreshing uplift in life as your body heals.

When I energetically communicate with your body's subtle vibrations it responds to my questions in many ways. This process reveals an overview and tidbits of your master blueprint which is the complete story of your life. Your blueprint lets me see intuitively with my mind and empathically with my body the patterns of reactions which are taking place in your body, mind and life. Empathically I feel at the cellular level in my body the extremely subtle vibrational responses your body makes to things you say, my intuitive thoughts, the energy of sensitivity or allergy triggers and the patterns of reaction which take place. 

We are all driven by our patterns of reaction. During an introductory deep clean session lasting 1-4 hours (you choose the length)  I help you begin to understand your patterns of reaction and introduce self care techniques which support your unique needs. After you have experienced the power of a Vibranetics™immersion you may want to do a series of private or group sessions to cleanse a lifetime of compounding complex wounds.

My Vibranetics™ collection of creative solutions evolved out of extreme personal necessity and while helping many thousands of people overcome their healing challenges and feel good. During private or group guided healing sessions by telephone or in person I guide you to release memories, accelerate healing, and reclaim your life.


Meet Maury Brooks, Creator of the Vibranetics™ Healing System

Minimize reactions, accelerate healing!

You deserve to feel good in all aspects of your life.
Live, Navigate, Connect and Thrive.