Are you are experiencing a domino effect of seemingly unrelated reactions which are affecting your mind, emotions, body and life? It doesn't have to be this way.


If you are like most people, you don't really know if your reactions are from trauma, allergies, a food intolerance or sensitivities. Reactions can also be triggered by certain people, activities, places, or thoughts ... nothing makes total sense.

What if you could create long term healing results without all the pills?



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Fear and Trust issues can affect your ability to heal.

A history of physical or verbal abuse can extinguish your trust of people and everything else. This causes you to live in a constant fight, flight or freeze reaction pattern instead of a healing mode.

Vibranetics™ methods address fear, trust and reaction sensations in your body to help you awaken and cultivate a sense of inner knowing and feeling safe. These concepts are foundational requirements for successful long term healing.

The Vibranetics trauma detox methods moves too quickly for you to tell your story and recall all the forgotten pieces.

The flowing release process encourages you to trust the process and let your guard down.

A sense of comfort and peace sets in as you literally feel one memory obstruction after the next release and leave your body. With each release your mind is calmer and body more relaxed. Each release represents a subset of your subtle mind-body reaction patterns which control how you think, feel and react.

If you are on pain medications or substances which diminish your sensitivity you might not feel the energy moving but only receive the benefits of the process.

Your body structure literally reshapes itself

As we release tightness and compensation patterns your bones literally pops back into place by themself. It's quite profound. We free stuckness points in muscles, tendons and joints and teach you how to work with your body and mind to encourage a supportive energy flow and promote long term healing. 

Our goal is to prevent future reactions and minimize the damage when they do happen.

Reactions wear your body down, challenge all bodily functions and drive people to take pills to feel better or rebuild their body. When we minimize reactions the body naturally heals in many unexpected ways. This in turn diminishes the need for pills of any type.

Learn to work with bell weathers in your body which alert you in the early phase of reactions and help you stop many reactions and minimize reaction damage. With bell weather alerts you rebound much quicker when you do get triggered. 

internally live with a sense of hiding from everything. 

Do you have a sense of hiding from the world?


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If You Are Ready to Conquer
Trauma and Sensitivity Reactions,

I Can Guide People To Live On A Conscious Healing Path
and Feel Better Most Of the Time


If you are ready to get unstuck and want to quickly release the subconscious roots of trauma reaction patterns I have merged my own Vibranetics™ methods with wisdom learned from my ancient Chinese Medical Qigong Energy Healing lineage to dramatically accelerate the release process without needing to know your story.

Vibranetics™ is a refined spirit guided healing art which I have been developing, cultivating and sharing for over 30 years. While I am guiding you to release your past we also dynamically identify sensitivity or allergy reaction triggers and address how to deal with them.

Many sensitivities can be easily released with The Allergy Code™ accelerated desensitization methods. Based on experience I do not believe it is always in your best long term interest to desensitize all allergy triggers though. It is better for you to learn how to 'dynamically identify and navigate all types of triggers' as you encounter them in your life. Working together, my goal is to set you up for long term success and overall well being.

Working together we guide your body to unlock trauma driven physical tightness patterns and to help you cultivate a freer sense of physical movement and emotional flow. We jump start and cultivate continued healing at the deepest of levels of your body, mind and soul.

Releasing fear, cultivating trust and helping you live beyond a subconscious need to hide from the world are
foundational components of whole life healing and the broader essence of my transformational work.

Fear, tightly held deep within your core is released at shallow or deeper levels during energy healing sessions.

As fear melts we might hop and skip around to pressing issues, address bigger patterns or be spirit guided to access and release your first major childhood hurt (post birth) and the pattern of how you reacted. I call this a 'Primal Trauma'™release which is a very special awakening process which guides you to safely come out from deep inner hiding and experience the world in a new way.

Cultivating trust is a process which can take the edge off life challenges and help you minimize sensitivity reactions when combined with The Allergy Code™.

What symptoms are you ready to say goodbye to? 

“My experience of Maury is that he dwells in the higher states of loving consciousness. His eye contact during sessions is deeply healing and intimate. His presence makes me know my own higher self. Maury’s work has helped me make huge leaps in healing severe abuse pains and lack of self love that I have not been able to cope with before, even after years of much effort. He’s truly a beautiful healer.”    client
Embrace the opportunity to thrive.