CONVICTED! Savile had been a predatory sex offender—possibly one of Britain's most prolific with hundreds of offenses reported against him. This is an important case since Savile was an English DJ television and radio personality, dance hall manager, and charity fundraiser. 

Millions of children are sexually abused each year in the United States. In fact, 10 percent of adult men and 25 percent of adult females recall being sexually abused during their childhood, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Survivors of sexual abuse may experience feeling filthy, dirty, horrified, ashamed. You may be challenged with coping, anorexia, rape, a sense of weight which isn't yours, big fears, boxed up emotions, pondering life, cutting youself off from living, anger, risk taking. It may stop you from fully loving.

Are rape reactions are derailing your life? 


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Movie is in memory of Liz MacKean:
Courageous investigative journalist and ex-BBC News correspondent Liz MacKean, 52, who exposed infamous pedophile Jimmy Saville – and ultimately resigned in 2013 over the BBC’s decision to refuse to air her investigation into Saville – has died after suffering a stroke.

Only in 2016 did her investigative work exposing Saville’s rampant molestation of children see the light of day on the BBC, featured as Abused: The Untold Story.