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Reset the damage from adverse childhood experiences

Reset the damage from adverse childhood experiences

The damage from trauma including adverse childhood experiences can literally affect every aspect of a persons life.

For most of my professional life as a consciousness guided energy healer adverse childhood experiences have surfaced as a natural focal point with profound healing impact. While guiding sessions I follow my clients energy and have tended to encounter a highly impactful life shapping trauma I call the “primal trauma”.

This video from Beacon House an organization which works with children gives a simple explaination about traumatic “adverse childhood experiences” also known as ACEs. 

It demonstrates the nature of trauma and a small piece of how it affects a childs brain and development. ACEs are scientifically proven to affect every aspect of a persons health, life and longevity.

While primal trauma is my term for a subset of ACEs it may be the most impactful of a childs trauma in many cases.

Primal trauma might be viewed as a childs first significant trauma experience which does not get the loving support needed to help the child rebound. It is often happens in the 2-5 age range at a time when an emotionally detached adult-child relationship failed to help the child reset and instead the child (now my adult client) is living with the trauma response pattern they embraced at that time. Often I empathically see them as internally  living turtled in a cave on the ground with their hands behind their head to protect them from the outside world they are deathly afraid of.

This turtled hiding pattern resonates to the core of their being and typically is how they relate to life challenges as an adult.

My job is to helps them release this old pattern and reset.

All empathically guided sessions start by reconnecting with breathing and more importantly the subtleties of tightness and fear locked breathing. With fear addressed early in the process they have an experiential sense of profound safety.

From here sessions take a unique path resetting a wide range of issues which drive relationship challenges, support immune system or fatigue challenges and even structural alignment.

If they enter their primal trauma journey we clear the associated fear issues and I then let them know it is safe to lift their head and look around. From here I guide them step by step from their turtle life controlling pattern into a discovery of safety, beauty and life in the outer world. Freedom from their inner prison to a place of discovery and growth.

The ‘Primal Trauma’ transformation process goes to the core of their being and life patterns to release the old, reset and begin cultivation of their unique spirit guided life supportive path. It’s very profound and beautiful.


For many years Maury had his practice in Santa Fe , N..M. where he worked with visiting clients first in person and then by phone when they returned home. Today on his Freedom 1 Journey he works mostly by cell phone from his primitive and remote oceanside home near Key West, Florida where he is on a self guided reset journey..

In future blog posts Maury is planning to write more about other paths often encountered on the healing journey. You can subscribe to his blog at or call him if you have questions.