I was reading a story in my beloved Santa Fe Reporter, a weekly paper from Santa Fe, NM which has a way of digging out hard to chew stories and sharing them with the world in a way which people can digest.

Their article:Father Figures: The financial, emotional and spiritual cost of Catholic priest sex crimes offers a window into the horrendously sad reality of the damage done to many young children in the form of sexual abuse by certain priest, the cover up and secretive efforts behind rebuilding trust.

It mentions a priest at a parish who had a history of sexual abuse known to the church,  sexually molesting a boy over the course of several years. This is sick, sick, sick!!! The cover up is equally if not more sick.

This story saddens me deeply and rings to the core of my own physical abuse in particular excessive spanking and the chain reaction of emotional shut down, lack of trust , and fear which were buried deep in my soul.

Many doctors are now telling us that trauma is the cause of many disease reactions in the body. As an intuitive and empathic healer who works with trauma I have seen many physical or emotional reactions often diagnosed as a disease heal as the energy of the trauma is released.

Fortunately there are ways to release the powerful mind controlling charge trauma can have in our body. 

There are ancient methods which myself and other Medical Qigong Energy Healers use which go right to the roots of a person's story and response patterns to help our clients release the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges an abusive trauma creates in all aspects of their life.

My mission is to help people reclaim their life from the memories locked inside. This work honors the wholeness of each person and recognizes the obstructions trauma has caused in their life. As a healer, I don't heal people, I simply guide people to release the deep seated trauma in it's entirety and rebuild the flow of wholeness in all aspects of their life. A disruption to health flow affects how someone thinks, feels and is with their partner, kids, people in their life or career.

As a healthy flow is restored, profound healing happens by itself.  Nobody should have to suffer in the many ways abuse survivors suffer.


Collage by Maury with cc photos by Carlo Raso and bark