Sneezing 100 times in a row and feeling buzzy within drove me to binge eat like a horse with a drippy nose. Fatigued with a foggy brain and low energy I always leaned against the wall to support me during my 4-5 day recuperation periods.

In 1984 I started an intensive journey of conscious awakening with hopes that someday I would conquer my allergies. The Anderson Method, a transformational psychology program initiated my powerful healing journey.


Early on my journey as I explored my mind-body physio-emotional connections empathic abilities naturally developed. Empathic abilities allow me to subtly feel inside of me what other people are consciously or subconsciously feeling in their body. By simply tuning in to someone, I can feel their subtle reaction patterns to trauma memories, thoughts, people, sensitivities, and allergies.

Intuitive abilities evolved which provides spirit guidance and psychic details about a person's past. As we explore you your life timeline issues of importance light up to help me understand the energetic nature of your trauma stuckness and reaction patterns.

Stories recorded on the timeline of your life affords me a very high degree of pinpoint focused accuracy to know, understand, and share with your exactly how you are holding trauma or sensitivity reaction patterns.

Your timeline records the vibrational story of how you reacted to all life events and guides your present day reaction patterns to all stimuli. It communicates through subtle body-mind expressions.


Empathic feeling combined with intuition turn healing into a strategically exciting 5+ dimensional game. I sense and know where we are going many steps in advance.

“Your ability to change patterns is profound." telephone client

Energy Healing Gifts Awaken

Without any former energy training a sense of energy started to flow through me  as I removed my hands from my wife's head while massaging her to help with a three day headache.  Her headache cleared.

Guided by spirit, I started to share my new gifts with family and friends.

Over the years I cultivated and developed my healing gifts with 575 hours of Shen Dao Medical Qigong studies, research and 40,000 hours of healing experience.


Unique insights about reactions and how to conquer or prevent them evolved. Understanding and releasing extremely challenging trauma is mostly second nature.


During a session as we talk by telephone, skype or in person I

  • observe your mind body psychic energy flow and discover reaction causing weaknesses or energetic relationships in need of healing.

  • send pinpoint focused healing energies

  • remove major obstructions with a delicate touch

  • help you integrate a Vibranetics™ consciousness into your life. Vibranetic tools and abilities help you to successfully navigate reaction triggers, accelerate healing and reclaim your life 7 days a week.

A Vibranetics™ consciousness is an objective observation of your body's subtle vibration and reaction patterns.

Objectivity comes from the sense of an outside observer, a spirit guide of sorts who helps prevent emotionally reactive or in your head answers. Your observer tells it like it is. 

Your ability to accurately interpret and understand your body's vibrational language is a potent self healing and life navigation tool. Attending to your vibrational messages accelerates healing and amplifies the good parts of life.


Strategically releasing stuck energetic charges creates an exponentially deep cleaning and relaxed state. Your relaxed body heals itself. Your soothed mind no longer controls you.

Vibranetics™ guides you to minimize reactions and hold the deep relaxation state. Life healing it promotes exciting benefits which expand over time.


Transformation happens.


As you experience benefits from my work I invite you to support the proliferation of my teachings and healing work.

Sharing these teachings with family and friends is the highest gift you can provide to all humankind and is greatly appreciated by me. Your support helps birth this new healing paradigm. 


My Tentative Traveling Healer Itinerary:

July 2017: Leave New Mexico drive to Philadelphia region. I may be in the Northeast part of US for a period of time doing private sessions and working  with larger medical institutions then drive south to October 2017Florida Keys for a couple of months of snorkeling, kayaking and healing.

December 2017: I will return to Santa Fe for short healing visit.
January 2018: I am open to possibilities anywhere in the world.

Where would you like to meet for a week long intensive?

I am looking for people who want to sponsor group healing events or a healing party.

Let's heal and thrive together.