Vibranetics abilities are as fundamental as reading and basic arithmetic for anyone who wants to create the best life possible and thrive. Everyone has and uses natural vibranetics abilities unless they are being suppressed by trauma experiences or body numbing medications. Your vibranetics consciousness is your direct link to divine spirit guidance.

Vibranetics™ my trademarked method guides you to reawaken, cultivate, and enjoy the power of innate vibranetics abilities. It is a self paced journey to help you reclaim ALL aspects of your life.


Saying YES to cultivating your Vibranetics™ abilities is the key to transforming all aspects of life and creating a personalized healing experience.


Vibranetics™  is a unique collection of methods to align the power of your conscious and subconscious minds. With alignment the keys to a better life are in your hands.

With immense excitement and joy I love to share the depths of vibranetics.


Vibranetics teachings and healings help you awaken and cultivate a vibrational observation of spirit guidance for personalized insight and long term self healing.  It is a collection of  healing systems for people who want to feel healing and are ready to say goodbye to trauma and sensitivity reactions.


Given the extreme diversity of potential sensitivity triggers and underlying causes I teach clients to navigate what they can and desensitize the rest. I believe this is a much safer, long term, and successful empowering solution. 

Since most of my clients are dealing with years of trauma reactions and subconscious reactive programming it gives us more time to focus on trauma triggers and rebuilding their life. 


Food desensitization I have found can often be incredibly effective for a several years but can come back and bite you when you least expect it. Speaking from experience, I was bit very badly with a rebound 4-6 years after I successfully and joyously desensitized most foods. With few exceptions, I no longer support food desensitization and prefer to focus on safer long term solutions.


I invite you to discover how my insights, natural gifts and 30 years of energy healing experience can help you. It is my wish that someday soon you will also be reaction free and thriving most of the time.



My Healing Roots

40,000 hours of helping myself and clients heal monstrously complicated issues has guided me to cultivate a profound understanding of how subtle healing and life works.

I started my consciousness journey in a year long personal transformation program which a friend dragged me into (1984)

'The Anderson Method' program used cutting edge transformational psychology methods similiar to those used at cutting edge Essalan and in Warner Erhard's EST training. During this period I had my first major awakening from a deep unconscious state of living solely in my head to connecting with the wholeness of my body for guidance. I went from a slow in my head talker to one of a much greater flow.

The'-etics' concept of having an objective observer outside of oneself was the key to my awakening and is a key to the power and profound potential of  'Vibranetics™' teaching.

It was during this period that my intuitive and empathic gifts started develop. When other group members shared their story I remember having a deep sense inside of me which mirrored the depth of their experience and gave me accurate insights into their story.

Energy healing abilities spontaneously started flowing a couple of years later without any prior training. 

Medical Qigong training (2000) helped me understand the ancient science of the energy body which Chinese healing masters have been exploring for 5000+ years. My lineage includes a powerful collection of easy to learn Shen Dao Qigong healing movements and meditations. Therapeutically I prescribe these as needed and teach them in workshops. 

While I absolutely adore medical qigong studying with 4 quality teachers did not offer me everything I needed. I had to find additional answers and these are all part of Vibranetics™

Vibranetics is my personal collection of innovative solutions to very challenging health and life issues. It includes a vibrational self healing book I hope to upgrade and republish some time soon.


While at UCSD I started a very active Society for Advancement of Management leadership training organization as my living laboratory to explore motivation and empowerment. 



As You Scroll Down This Page

I introduce you to a few of my Vibranetics™ innovations and attempt to share insights of what you might experience during a series of dynamic healing journeys.

I will discuss my perceptions about REACTIONS, the nature of Trauma, Primal Trauma and Sensitivities/ Allergies.

If you are contemplating a single session or series? I will share my thoughts on how to get the best results for your needs.



What to expect during a series of private or group dynamic healing journeys.

To release patterns of illness I share insights about your triggers, reaction patterns and energy congestion in your body and so much more. These are not a diagnosis.

Your healing path will be guided by a spirit guided flow, the signs and symptoms I empathically detect in your body, your comments and time constraints.

Vibranetics™ uses unusual properties of consciousness, along with nonverbal and verbal communication to access all aspects of you and guide the specific healing your body needs.

A typical healing journey may include:

  1. addressing immediate needs
  2. working on bigger underlying patterns. Many issues easily resolve as we relax the patterns and desensitize emotional triggers.
  3. igniting your healing spark by releasing and healing your childhood 'Primal Trauma™'.
  4. identifying formerly unknown sensitivity reactions and desensitizing them or teaching you how to navigate them with vibranetics wisdom
  5. Releasing core issues which are holding you stuck in many ways. This may include your relationship to your name, self love, and more.
  6. teaching healing movements which will support long term recuperation.
  7. releasing a wide range of personal, professional and other issues which naturally arise as undiscussed issues are conquered. We work on integrating vibranetics guidance to overcome old patterns and awaken your new empowered healing path.




Vibranetics™ methods are integrative so you are welcome to also work with your choice of doctors and other healing practitioners. I do not diagnose issues but will share with you my energetic observations which may help you better understand what's going on.

Personally I do not use any type of pills, injections or supplements. Energy and food are my sole sources of medicine. I have a personal bias in this direction based on my bodies guidance and personal needs but honor the choice of each individual to work with their doctors and choose what is best for them. I support you to look at your body's subtle vibranetic language with your doctor and observe responses to your questions on these issues .

I can assist you to energetically detox from adverse reactions to pills, injections, or supplements but do not prescribe or advise how to use or discontinue the use of medicines. Please ask your doctor's advice on these issues. I am not a doctor.

For best result I highly recommend you integrate Vibranetics™reaction prevention methods into all aspect of your life. These foundational self guidance tools assist YOU to discover your natural life path while minimizing reactions .


You deserve to feel good in all aspects of your life.
Live, Navigate, Connect and Thrive.



transforming lives for happier living



I communicate with the cells of your body to find healing answers.


intuitively and empathically communicate with the subtle vibrational essence of your body to find healing answers. In one session we typically release the charge from a selection of subconscious trauma memories to cleanse old wounds. Your body and mind heal by themselves once the rancid charge held in wounds are cleansed. You experience a refreshing uplift in life as your body heals.

When I energetically communicate with your body's subtle vibrations it responds to my questions in many ways. This process reveals an overview and tidbits of your master blueprint which is the complete story of your life. Your blueprint lets me see intuitively with my mind and empathically with my body the patterns of reactions which are taking place in your body, mind and life. Empathically I feel at the cellular level in my body the extremely subtle vibrational responses your body makes to things you say, my intuitive thoughts, the energy of sensitivity or allergy triggers and the patterns of reaction which take place. 

We are all driven by our patterns of reaction. During an introductory deep clean session lasting 1-4 hours (you choose the length)  I help you begin to understand your patterns of reaction and introduce self care techniques which support your unique needs. After you have experienced the power of a Vibranetics™immersion you may want to do a series of private or group sessions to cleanse a lifetime of compounding complex wounds.

My Vibranetics™ collection of creative solutions evolved out of extreme personal necessity and while helping many thousands of people overcome their healing challenges and feel good. During private or group guided healing sessions by telephone or in person I guide you to release memories, accelerate healing, and reclaim your life.



Trauma reactions can easily be confused with sensitivity reactions

  • awful memories of nightmarish experiences keep looping
  • you keep trying to make sense of the experience and figure out how you should have responded differently.
  • You might be feeling like a full cup which easily overflows with pain, numbness, upsetting memories, nightmares, 
  • flashback bring a flood of emotions and powerful memories of the trauma


Minimize reactions, accelerate healing!



Energy healing and self care are the two basic components to healing with me. Both of these areas have numerous specialty components which I have developed extensively over many years. I use energy healing to quick release many subtle issue of the body and mind to help you rapidly move towards an inner lightness and a relaxed healing state. Self care can take the form of specific movements or meditations for you needs Both of these are energy supported lessons on how to successfully navigate your triggers and challenges to select the most supportive path.


With my dynamic empathic feeling of every cell in your body, an intuitive insight of the stories locked inside of you and abilities to feel the changing dynamic flow of subtle energies

My empathic connection provides a dynamic pinpoint insight to every cell in their body. My intuitive sense provides a word to identify the issue