A foundational key to effectively reading and navigating vibrations is cleaning your sensors and allowing yourself to truthfully feel beyond your life programed brain. For many people, our thinking brain wants to ignore the signs and control the show when decisions need to be made. 

Fortunately, the "Vibranetics secret" is that spirit speaks through the vibrations in your body and the world around you. Vibranetics™ guides you to communicate with spirit directly and find your own easy path to freedom. You see the choices, get spirit guidance, and choose the path which best supports your life goals.

If you are like I once was you have probably noticed that your logic driven brain is wrong too many times. It is not that the your brain is not important, it's just that effectively healing your life is a dynamic process, not a logical program. It can best be accomplished when you use your Vibranetics™ Intuition in conjunction with thinking abilities.  Living on your healing path needs your unique spirit guided connection to effectively guide the way and work in conjunction with your brain especially in situations where a bad decision can have dangerous consequences.

You will notice that I separate average normal intuition abilities from someone who has been trained with Vibranetics™ Intuition teachings and uses their vibrational energetic connection for improved results. Weather you learn from my free Vibranetics™ Newsletters or paid live events is not important, just learn it and practice it. Using your Vibranetics™ Intuition will help your well being and in turn affect the rest of mankind and the planet. Its potential actually quite profound.

All you need to do is

  1. take a deep breath and truly feel your belly expand,
  2. calm the subtle vibrations or feelings in you gut for good decisions. This is critically important and a step that will negate your results if you skip it. This is the hardest step and the one which average intuition users often ignore.
  3. while connected with the vibrations in your gut and your breathing, observing with honesty your bodies response to two clarifying questions. If your inner body vibrations accelerate to the questions it is probably a sign that your body is reacting adversely. The two questions are:
  • Does this ___ support me?
  • Will this ___ cause an adverse reaction?

Personally I use a subtlety scale to better assess the messages from my body and improve decision making. A subtlety scale  will give you an improved insight to the quality of your vibranetics intuition and open the door for an understanding of the alternative options you might have been overlooking. This subtlety scale used with intuition and a few more questions improves the overall success of your decisions, wellness and life path.

In Vibranetics™ Newsletters article I will share more about this process, and how to interpret your Vibranetics™ intuition with a subtlety scale. I will do my best to answer questions which aid clarification after the article.

Vibranetics does tell you what to believe, it guides you to discover your unique answers.

There is a learning curve with this system and many people make mistakes in the beginning. Be gentle on yourself as you accept and recognize the errors without overly analysing it. Ask yourself if you carefully did all three steps? Most people miss #2 when they are learning or when they pre-made a craving driven decision in their mind. Do not use this as a sole method if results can be dangerous for you or others. Use your brain and questions also.

You may need to stop and cleanup your typical reaction pattern with Vibranetics™, qigong, yoga, creative expression or other self care methods as you body, mind or the world reacts.

As your inner vibrations stabilize, continue on your journey. This is the art of living on a healing path and takes a creative individualized approach.