-- 1984' Awakening to consciousness changed my life. --  

A year long consciousness journey with 'The Anderson Method' lifted me out of my allergy driven stupor and awakened me to the potential of the human psyche. It propelled me from being a computer salesperson into an inner explorer discovering my inner realm of possibilities.

Within a few years my new psychic healing path as an empathic intuitive energy healer blossomed on its own without any formal training. My gifts as an abstract artist also emerged in this way.

Awe' best describes the feelings I have experienced as I participated in the energetic dance between clients, myself and spirit. As we accessed and released the most horrific energies miraculous healings seemed to just happen by themself.

It is odd

For many years I considered it odd that I can empathically feel in my body the deep subtle sensations that another person has in their body. It is odd that I can intuitively think something and my clients body will react as though it was their own thought. What is really odd is that I can then observe the patterns of how their body reacts to the thought and change the reaction pattern.

Feeling my clients odd sensations is my scientific toolbox to analyze and understand my clients issues. I have felt and worked with so many health patterns over the years that I can quickly understand the depth of many issues.


and explored patterns of

are my tools for exploring the issues affecting my clients.


Through years of practice with maybe 40,000 hours of experience I am still amazed at the new issues and challenges which come my way. On one hand I question if the healing journey is endless and yet I see big issues diminishing to resolution. Often times the patterns weaken, melts and lift right out. Sometimes though it can get real ugly and I need to patiently remove energetic thorns one by one or a black tar like substance which is ferociously sticky. Energy comes in many forms and in truth I am fascinated by the challenges which come my way and absolutely love to overcome them and watch the healing happen. 

I call myself a healer but in truth, I am simply a cleaning person and garbage man for energetic debris. I remove it to help others feel better, awaken and be empowered to live on their true path. When we remove the  obstacles it is easy to flow and change many scenarios in our life. It's pretty cool. 

Without the stress of obstacles, issues life fear, anger, and frustration diminishes giving our organs and whole body a much needed rest. For me, living on a healing path has been the greatest of gifts to myself. At 57 I have steller health and the few issues which remain are falling away.s

I have discovered many secrets of healing both for my personal needs and the needs of my clients. This is what I share during sessions, in my art and with those who I meet along the path of life.

I love life, have my real life challenges which I patiently embrace and still love my life. It is my hope that I can share this enthusiasm with you and help you leapfrog up the healing ladder.



P.S. As you read down the page I will share with you a few of my many gifts, teachings and discoveries.


--Medical Qigong-- In 2000 I studied the ‘Shen Qi Dao’ ('Spirit Energy Way') lineage of Medical Qigong, an energy based healing system evolved by ancient Chinese shamans for 5000 years. By unifying daoist energy theories, energy conscious and energy cultivation methods they created powerful methods for self healing and abilities to help others heal.

--Trauma Release-- When I opened my professional practice clients gravitated to me for help with a great diversity of abuse, childhood, and stuckness issues which were holding them back in life. I became known for my abilities to relax deep emotional tension at the root of hard to heal issues and usually have success with very challenging issues. 

 --‘The Allergy Code™ Solution v2.0’ --  In 2004 I created a simple energy based method to desensitize my own extreme chronic allergies and sensitivities. It worked great for five years until issues started to arise and allergies returned during a period of great stress. In 2015 I made a 100% commitment to overcome my own crescendoing cascade of extreme chronic allergies reactions. Now, almost 2 years later I can say it has been a phenomenal success. Reactions are now rare and when they do arise it is to a new environmental issue I have not addressed yet. 

My successful commitment evolved to become --‘The Allergy Code™’ Solution v2.0' -- which is proving itself to be an empowered healing solution for immune system and hard to heal challenges. While I do offer this work when asked or as needed, I have chosen to down play this side of my work for now and avoid the excessive noise in the allergy advice market place.

I desensitize  gaseous triggers carried in the clouds, found in stores, around cities, people and more in addition to many common allergens. Thanks to my own self application of the code I have been reaction free from sensitivity or allergy reactions for over a year and now have stellar health most of the time. 

-- Innovator -- As an innovator I have created several unusual healing systems based on the simple concept that ‘Everything Vibrates’ and anything can be used as a healing tool if it's vibrational energy is the needed medicine at that moment.

  • My book, ‘Experience Miracles’  (2010 VibraHarmonics LLC.) incorporates many of these concepts as it guides users on a series of healing journeys. I look forward to sharing more about this system with you in future blog posts.
  • In 2000, I started creating a healing art collection I call  'Blueprints of the Energy Body'. I have used these creations homeopathically in various ways with great success.
  • Empathically observing the energy of your breath as you speak shows me exactly where you are stuck.

While I work primarily with people, I love and have had much success helping animals such as lizards, dogs, horses and cats.

On my spare time you might find me spending time with my girlfriend Akaria, hiking, dancing, bicycling, gardening or traveling. I love to be creative in the kitchen and constantly come up with new ideas.