731 Montez Place:
Santa Fe Railyard
Supporting documents

see Pictures and info at zillow

Supporting  documents on this page:
-Sellers notes and disclosures
-Plat, Layout
-Title, Tax Records

Realtor: Doug Rand, Keller Williams (575) 613-6532


731 Montez Place:
Santa Fe Railyard
Supporting documents

see Pictures and info at zillow

Supporting  documents on this page:
-Sellers notes and disclosures
-Plat, Layout
-Title, Tax Records

Realtor: Doug Rand, Keller Williams (575) 613-6532

If I can answer any questions please call me. 

At our zillow site you can find pictures, register for updates and more.

This page is for supporting documents. It is recommended that you see the zillow page first. If this page is only 3 pages long click here for full version.


Here is a copy of the tax record from tax office. For some odd reason former owner from 35 years ago Roland Hayes and wife is still listed on the record. Official Title documents further down the page show the correct information. 

Estimated real estate taxes based on a sale price of $395k is $3160/ year. Your actual taxes may vary.


Plat for 731 Montez Place

Sellers Notes and Disclosures

Sellers Notes and Disclosures

731 Montez Place

Railyard: For Sale by Owner


Santa Fe, New Mexico87501

call Maury at 505-216-6050 with questions



Thank you for taking the time to check out our 1750 sf Railyard adobe home and casita.  If you are interested in pursuing the purchase of the house,  I have a contract available for your formal offer. 


Attached is a few documents you may want to see and facts you may want to know.


Attached:   Title policy from when we purchased the home in 2003

Survey from 2003. Fence lines have changed slightly as walls have been erected and fences repaired.


Utilities: 2016 Natural Gas$527 > $44/ month average

2016 Electric$535 > $45/ month average


Photos, information and web site:  

     Go to zillow.com and enter the address.


Details:    House: 3 br, 2 ba, kitchen, living room, office, laundry room, 30'1”x47’3”,       1420 sf

    Casita: 1 br, 1 ba, kit , 16'3”x20'3”          330 sf               

    Total Buildings 1750 sf

Lot size:  .13 acres, 5682 s.f.


Fruit trees and other large trees, quiet hidden dead end street. 



  • Railyard Complex- museums, Farmers Market, Park, galleries, restaurants, Rail Runner.  
  • New Mexico School for the Arts, a public supported charter school recently acquired the Sanbusco Complex a few blocks away in the Railyard and announced plans to move into the facility August 2018.
  • The old school building on Alarid around the corner was just vacated by a school and is now on the market for about $3 million.
  • 25 minute walk to the downtown plaza.



Passive Solar heat with exterior Adobe walls and some brick floors to retain the heat.  Interior east-west walls are mostly adobe. Double pane windows. House has 4 built-in natural gas heaters including the antique O'Keefe and Merritt stove/ heater in one and antique heater in living room. Casita has its own heater. House is breeze cooled in the summer.


Yard and Land:  All fenced except driveway.  Fully six foot high fenced back yard.   Big back yard for downtown neighborhood has 2 Sheds, fruit trees and large trees, drip hose system, tree house.



  • The O’keefe and Merrit Stove / Heater / Oven / Broiler (4 in one) from late 1940’s is the centerpiece of the kitchen. This needs some cosmetic refinishing. Estimated costs is $1000-$1500 to refinish the doors and fix the interior fan.
  • Refrigerator is a few years old, works great but is in rough exterior condition. I recommend replacing this.
  • Dishwasher is 13 years old condition recently was working, needs a $40 part, exterior condition rough. I recommend replacing this.
  • Washing machine works. 
  • Water heater, natural gas,  2 years old. Note: Antique Gas Stoves in Montclair California, makes parts for this stove. Morris Apodaca Appliance Repair has been our repair person for the stove 505-660-4651. Water heater has Home Depot 6 year extended home service warranty, transferability unknown.


Wall finishes:  Walls in the living room, bedroom and bathroom are painted with faux wash finishes.  The kitchen is plastered with stucco faux.


Basement:  100sfstand up basement for storage and access to water pipes. Basement has cement walls and floor .  


Condition: Artistic charm of the past with a clean new feel in this mostly-renovated 60-90year old home. 


  • Mid-section of the house - From neighbors who grew up here we are told the mid section of the house is old of unknown age. I believe it might be 1920-1930’sbut this is mere speculation.
  • Front section of house: In approximately 1947 the front part of the house was built.  In 2003 the kitchen roof was supported, counter raised and extended forward to accommodate the dishwasher. The old cabinet face was preserved.
  • Back section of house with slanted roof and passive solar heat: This had originally been a wood sun room and in 1993 was rebuilt as an adobe structure to code with the master bedroom, bathroom, laundry room. 
  • The casita was converted from a very old garage in 2010. It is 2x6 frame insulated walls. There were no permits for the conversion. Frame building on slab.


Exterior- Roofs

  • Main House front roof -  foam coated in 2010 had some patching after gas line renovation in 2015. Overall condition very good. 
  • Main House Back roof - tin roof, overall condition is good, annual maintenance performed July 2017. 
  • Casita Roof -  tar paper. Condition is old withlots of annual patching. I recommend this be re-roofed., foam would be best so they can sculpt improved drainage. 
  • all roofs are well insulated.


Exterior Walls

  • Main house walls are adobe. Stucco refinished in 2009. Very good maintained condition, minor wear cracks.
  • Guest house walls are frame. 2x6 well insulated.



  • Stove / Heater / Oven / Broiler (4 in one) in kitchen O’keefe and Merrit from late 1940’s.  It has been mechanically rebuilt by a professional Morris Apodaca Appliance Repair in about 2005.  Heater and oven both have rebuilt / functioning safety shut off features so gas cannot go on if the pilot is not lit.  We turn off the pilot lights in summer to minimize kitchen heat.
  • Antique heater in the living room and kitchen stove has been professionally rebuilt mechanically by Morris Apodaca Appliance Repair 505-660-4651.
  • In 2005 a radon test result showed 22.2 pCi/L in the basement during a closed house test.  To mitigate this we installed a basement exhaust fan which is standard recommended mitigation. Blue water faucet in yard is not connected to the water pipes, therefore not functioning. It is only 2 feet from the water line to casita so it can be hooked up.
  • In the back yard there is a drain by SE corner of house. This drain needs to be kept free from leaves, stones and debris to assure proper drainage of this area. In the past 13 years the water has come up to the threshold of the back door 2-3x during torrential rains for about 1 hour. There has not been any damage caused by this.
  • While most is not all windows works a few of the older windows in the front of the house may not properly crank or slide but open manually.


Live-Rent Potential

Many people I talk to seem to be very interested in living in part of the property and renting the rest. I cannot make any promises but will share our recent experiences.


Given the high walk-ability rating of this property it can make an excellent short term rental (city permit required) or turned into a furnished by the month rental. Tourists like the by the month convenience since they do not need a car and can walk or bicycle everywhere in the downtown area. 


Most recently we had a by the month tenant renting the back third of the main house. Since the house was on the market and it was off season we gave tenant a significant rent discount for their willingness to cooperate with us during showings. Tenant paid $795/ month which included utilities. The house was staged with furnishings. We rented to this tenant in the beginning of February which is normally a very hard time to rent a place. Via word of mouth we heard of many people looking for this kind of situation and found arenter in 3 days.


The casita had a long term tenant for 5 years who started with a lease then became month to month.


The front section of the house has always been owner occupied. As part of the sales contract, seller would like a 60 days lease back after closing of half the property including shed. This may include either front section of the house or back section of house and casita. Details will be negotiated as part of sales contract.


Contact and Viewing:

If you have any further questions or would like to return to see the house and property again, please feel welcome to call me.


Maury Brooks505-216-6050


Title and deed

Title and deed