Maury guides you to deeply relax your body, free your mind, and release many memory patterns in just one 60 minute session. As health issues begin to resolve you can feel whole again.

Often times clients prefer intensive 1-4 hour sessions or a longer term series to focus on clearing major issues or their whole life history. Trauma and other undesirable memories which control you can cause PTSD, C-PTSD and other emotional challenges.

If you are plagued with extreme sensitivity and allergy reactions like Maury was, side effects can vary from common symptoms such as sneezing, body pains, chronic fatigue, alignment issues and even brain issues such as dyslexia or brain fog.

The Allergy Code™ Solutions which Maury discovered can help can help you eliminate reactions to sensitivity reactions to a wide variety of environmental, food, people and other challenges - especially the ones your doctor does not have tests for.

Sensitivity reactions often cause extreme chronic compound health challenges.

To help you release the charge of trauma memories and introduce you to my work I am offering an a special first session introductory rate of $98/hour. 

Towards the end of a standard 1 hours session I may invite you to extend your session until a natural stopping point if my time allows. -- During extended or open end sessions you control the clock and decide when to stop. --

While a lot can be accomplished in 1-2 sessions, some clients:

  • appreciate a 5-10 week series to facilitate life, relationship or career transitions
  • like to reconnect on a regular schedule every 1-6 months to address new issues as they arise
  • aim to purge all their old patterns and create a total life overhaul in 1-3 years.
  • have pressing health needs and require intensive trauma and sensitivity release to rebuild their immune system quickly. These people may be fighting an immune system diseases such as cancer and or have a diverse array of hard to heal symptoms.

Maury's job is to help you unlock your healing potential and heal. 

He empowers and teach you how to actively use advanced intuitive abilities to navigate the mysterious triggers which are challenging your immune system and desensitize them. 

Maury encourages you to actively use advanced intuitive abilities to take control of and guide all aspects of your healing journey including:

  • when choosing foods to eat
  • what spaces, store or households to enter or not
  • when making healing decisions in cooperation with your health rebuilding team. With your doctors and healing practitioners look for answers from within when taking natural or pharmaceutical medications or when contemplating an invasive procedure.

Be the empowered driver of your life healing journey.