I find that my work is exceptionally good for people who have suffered adverse childhood challenges. Releasing the energetic charge from these experiences opens the door for accelerated healing on all levels and changes your relationship to other people and life events. 

Healing your 'Primal Trauma' empowers you to create the life you want.  

As you release your dominant life long pattern developed while in your mother's womb, from birth or from early childhood trauma and re-awaken the real you, a new relationship to all aspects of life develops.

For many people there first major 'Primal Trauma' pattern includes hiding from the world in their own energetic cave. After we have released the trauma and fear I guide you to discover that it is safe to lift your head, look around, stand up, leave your cave, and discover the beauty of nature. This profound process is as powerful as birth itself.

Newly awakened, many people like to hang out for a while in the gentle awe of the moment. Periods such as this can last a while which is why I offer open ended sessions or the option for longers sessions at your discretion when time allows. It is also a powerful time to begin a self love process.

Empowerment to create a better life and improved health gets easier after your 'Primal Trauma' obstacles are released. 

At this point it is common for your healing progress to accelerate and 'personal control of your life' to take on a new meaning. Your guidance can more easily move from pattern and mind driven to a powerfully interactive spirit guided process. Nurturing self love and overcoming hard realities gets easier. You are empowered in a new way to do what it takes to create the life which supports your healing journey on a moment to moment basis.

This is a profoundly powerful place which may offer insight to the wonderful mysteries of you. It is a great time to journal, draw or creatively express your deepest inner voice.

patterns which have shaped who you are

The patterns which have shaped who you are began way before your were born. They can be genetic, past life, or based on your reaction to incarnation agreements. In the womb you had an energetic consciousness of life in your family. Did you parents want to have you? Did they fight, drink, have their own trauma's during this time. The details of this story are not important, only your energetic relationship to the subconscious memories you hold.


Birthing was a dark age barbaric scenario until recent times. Your mothers body may have been injected with foreign now illegal pharmaceutical drugs and she may not have had a very comfortable humane environment to hang out in during her many hours of labor and delivery.

After you were born did you get the nurturing from the woman who you intimately new the prior nine months or where you whisked away to an incubator where you spent the next few days with fear stricken crying babies in need of their mothers arms and warmth.

Eventually you made it home, and started the next phase of your life.

Early Childhood

The next ten years of your life. (coming soon but there is more as you scroll down the page.)








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Maury's started exploring and developing his highly specialized trauma intervention methods in 1984. Rapidly he guides you to release both the conscious and subconscious energy charges which were created and trapped in your body at the time of a trauma or during a long term series of emotionally challenging situations such as an adverse childhood or sour relationship.

These charges hold the trigger response patterns you embraced many years ago and still repeat today even if they no longer support you and are detrimental to your well being. Working together we clean out your old energetic debris.



One of my many methods, a 'Primal Trauma™' release process creates a safe space for your inner child to re-awaken, safely re-enter the world and express itself. You spirit no longer needs to hide in fear, psychologically hidden inside your childhood cave.

Releasing your 'Prima Trauma™' relaxes your body and mind to naturally facilitating accelerated healing from major health issues such as cancer.  

After we have freed your inner child, you might be guided to embrace true inner guidance as the ultimate navigational tool for preventing food allergy reactions, rebuilding your immune system, and creating safe loving relationships. Independence from old destructive patterns and stuckness is the ultimate freedom.

As we free your body and mind of old energetic challenges, I teach you ways to recharge your self love batteries, and to guide energy throughout your body for day to day self care. You get to be a more powerful being; this is your birthright.  

To help you accomplish your goals I use my spirit guided energy healing abilities to find and purge stagnant patterns and rebalance your subtle body. Using tried and true personal transformation methods of recent and ancient times, I guide you to integrate specific life healing exercises or meditations into your life which will best support your unique needs. 

As you move towards freedom and away from controlling experiences and memories, life gets better.

To address your most pressing needs I empathically read the subtleties of your energy body looking for discomfort patterns and imbalances which manifest to express the details of your story. My empathic abilities allow me to feel into the spiritual realm where "everything is connected" and actually feel in my body a sampling of the many the issues and response patterns happening in your body. As I intuit the issues behind your story, I feel your body responding to my thoughts at the same time. As I think probing questions and I get answers direct from your soul.

Healing with me is a safe, gentle, fully clothed non-touch process. Guide healing sessions can be in person, by telephone, or skype from any distance.

Our transformational healing goals are to:

  1. Untangle and release your confusing mind-body energetic patterns which have been keeping you stuck
  2. Help you feel better in all ways ASAP. Release body discomfort and destructive mental challenges.
  3. Cultivate self love energies for sustained healing and as a tool to help you rebuild your life.
  4. Help you cultivate refined intuitive abilities to better navigate life's challenges .

Fear and anxieties are released as they arise. Releasing fear and anxiety is a foundational process which unlocks and accelerates all healing. It diminishes the stress of daily life and helps you live in a more relaxed state of mind.

Working together, you benefit from my years of experience that began when powerful healing energies spontaneously started dancing through my hands and successfully helped my wife heal a 3 day headache. My spiritual healing gifts, amplified by decades of experience, extensive personal transformation practices, ancient Chinese Medical Qigong teachings, and a Scorpio nature have helped thousands of people and animals overcome unusual hard to heal symptoms.

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