Medical Qigong, the jewel of the ancient Chinese energy healing arts, "can prevent and cure disease, maximize health, moderate and even reverse aging" states Harvard Medical School. 

Qigong Therapy

Medical Qigong Therapy (pronounced chee-gung) is a guided transformational process which accelerates healing of physical issues and emotional traumas.

During a Qigong Energy Heals session I read your body's subtle energy story, release stuck memories and balance your body to promote a cleaner more balanced you. Since, energy is the medium which connects your mind, body, and spirit, your physical body relaxes and emotional memory patterns release. Nutrient rich healing blood and energy now flow more freely to accelerate healing.

Medical Qigong Energy Healing accesses and resolves long forgotten subconscious emotional memories such as trauma, abuse, and their effects like PTSD. Allergies, pain, and other physical issues improve to help you feel better in many ways.

Qigong Self Care: Healing in Motion

Medical Qigong Self Care is an energy cultivation practice that empowers you to awaken your natural potential for self healing.  Easy to learn qigong movements, meditations, and breathing exercises increase oxygen and vital energy to reduce side effects of aging, accelerate detoxification, reduce medication side affects and shorten recovery time. As you feel your true personal healing power and foster a profound understanding of your own subtle energy body, the quality of your life improves.

A "meditation in motion", Qigong is a medicine free "medication in motion" prescribed to alleviate and support healing of hard to heal issues.

Qigong interchangeably spelled chi kung or called Tai Chi is quickly gaining popularity because of its proven effectiveness at helping people feel better as it promotes long term well being.

Ancient Qigong Masters often said "Qigong Heals Hundreds Of Ailments"

Scientific evidence demonstrates that these ancient methods have significant value both treating and preventing many health problems irregardless of your state of health when you start.

Harvard states that Qigong/ Tai Chi when combined with standard treatment, appears to be helpful for Arthritis., Low bone density, Breast cancer, Heart disease, Heart failure, Hypertension, Parkinson's disease, Sleep problems, Stroke. Leading medical institutions are starting to list Qigong / Tai Chi as one of the top ten things you can do for wellness.  Schedule a session