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If sensitivity attacks and trauma memories are challenging your immune system and causing a cascade of mind body reactions you might be ready for change.

As we all know, feeling anything but your best can make your days more challenging and life so much harder. Maury helps people who want to unravel, prevent and overcome reactions which are taxing their life and compromising their health.

Maury overcame my extreme chronic allergy, and sensitivity challenges and so can you. As an innovative healer he created 'The Allergy Code™' 2.0, to codify the many secrets he discovered on his healing journey and to help others who want to overcome their reactions.

Allergy and Sensitivity reactions are not only the common sneezing, runny nose and skin issues but can manifest as chronic fatigue, muscular issues and even cancer. If you are ready to take healing into your own hands, Maury can help.


Solutions for allergies have been quite limited in the past. Most systems typically address 500 potential triggers when in reality there are an infinite number of them in the clouds and environment around you. There is a solution.

From our earliest childhood trauma to present day happenings, your immune system and emotional well being is driven by the deep inner physical relationships you have with your trauma memories. Fortunately, changing your relationship to most trauma reaction patterns is a relatively quick and easy process for Maury using his unique transformational and Medical Qigong methods.


Feeling good, all day, every day is a goal you can strive for and achieve most of the time with a 100% commitment. Maury, who personally went from many extreme health reactions including chronic fatigue to stellar health helps people who are ready to make the commitment and guides them to integrate his solutions into their life.

Please note:

Maury personally does not prescribe or recommend medications, supplements or specific foods. Instead he helps you to release or desensitize sensitivity reaction patterns, learn to consciously navigate your moment to moment healing path, and teaches you specific Medical Qigong and 'The Allergy Code™' life navigation techniques for your specific needs. While most sensitivity or allergy triggers can be successfully desensitized Maury believes it is best for safety and long term wellness to help you develop your abilities to navigate your food sensitivities before they are desensitized.

Trauma Release

Maury reads the stories in your body, accesses their roots and quickly releases the stuck energy charge at the root of your trauma memories to help you feel whole again. Using intuitive and empathic gifts Maury feels your body reaction patterns, sees where you are stuck, and guides you to heal the bigger picture.

Maury has created a sub-specialty he calls 'Primal Trauma Release' which focuses on your earliest "major" trauma after birth. This particular trauma which everyone has experienced has unique characteristics and affords a profound amplification of your healing potential once resolved.

You don't have to suffer with allergies and sensitivities reactions.

Your trigger might be hiding in the clouds, in a store, or even in someone's subtle body odors.  You may have a few or hundreds of triggers hiding in Foods, vitamins, medicines, pollens and household environments.

Maury out of personal necessity created The Allergy Code™ 2.0 on the journey to overcome his own extreme chronic allergies. The code helps you eliminate or safely navigate most allergy or sensitivity triggers as you master it. 

~ Stellar Health ~

You deserve stellar health!

For 30+ years while exploring transformational healing for his own personal needs Maury experienced the awakening of profound healing gifts, rare insights, and his own formerly unconscious self. His allergy driven health has had good times, really bad times and finally since May 2015 when he made a 100% commitment to overcome all allergy reactions has been approaching stellar health with only minor allergy attacks from air-cloud borne triggers which are becoming increasingly rare. He is discovering that stellar health really is possible even after chronic fatigue, excessive sneezing, buzziness throughout his body, fog brain, dyslexia and more.

Stellar health is possible if you are willing to make a 100% commitment to yourself.


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Maury's started exploring and developing his highly specialized trauma intervention methods in 1984. Rapidly he guides you to release both the conscious and subconscious energy charges which were created and trapped in your body at the time of a trauma or during a long term series of emotionally challenging situations such as an adverse childhood or sour relationship.

These charges hold the trigger response patterns you embraced many years ago and still repeat today even if they no longer support you and are detrimental to your well being. Working together we clean out your old energetic debris.


The video offers you an opportunity to listen to a talk about my work and a group healing I shared with the Eldorado Healing Arts Practitioners Group.


One of my many methods, a 'Primal Trauma™' release process creates a safe space for your inner child to re-awaken, safely re-enter the world and express itself. You spirit no longer needs to hide in fear, psychologically hidden inside your childhood cave.

Releasing your 'Prima Trauma™' relaxes your body and mind to naturally facilitating accelerated healing from major health issues such as cancer.  

After we have freed your inner child, you might be guided to embrace true inner guidance as the ultimate navigational tool for preventing food allergy reactions, rebuilding your immune system, and creating safe loving relationships. Independence from old destructive patterns and stuckness is the ultimate freedom.

As we free your body and mind of old energetic challenges, I teach you ways to recharge your self love batteries, and to guide energy throughout your body for day to day self care. You get to be a more powerful being; this is your birthright.  

To help you accomplish your goals I use my spirit guided energy healing abilities to find and purge stagnant patterns and rebalance your subtle body. Using tried and true personal transformation methods of recent and ancient times, I guide you to integrate specific life healing exercises or meditations into your life which will best support your unique needs. 

As you move towards freedom and away from controlling experiences and memories, life gets better.

To address your most pressing needs I empathically read the subtleties of your energy body looking for discomfort patterns and imbalances which manifest to express the details of your story. My empathic abilities allow me to feel into the spiritual realm where "everything is connected" and actually feel in my body a sampling of the many the issues and response patterns happening in your body. As I intuit the issues behind your story, I feel your body responding to my thoughts at the same time. As I think probing questions and I get answers direct from your soul.

Healing with me is a safe, gentle, fully clothed non-touch process. Guide healing sessions can be in person, by telephone, or skype from any distance.

Our transformational healing goals are to:

  1. Untangle and release your confusing mind-body energetic patterns which have been keeping you stuck
  2. Help you feel better in all ways ASAP. Release body discomfort and destructive mental challenges.
  3. Cultivate self love energies for sustained healing and as a tool to help you rebuild your life.
  4. Help you cultivate refined intuitive abilities to better navigate life's challenges .

Fear and anxieties are released as they arise. Releasing fear and anxiety is a foundational process which unlocks and accelerates all healing. It diminishes the stress of daily life and helps you live in a more relaxed state of mind.

Working together, you benefit from my years of experience that began when powerful healing energies spontaneously started dancing through my hands and successfully helped my wife heal a 3 day headache. My spiritual healing gifts, amplified by decades of experience, extensive personal transformation practices, ancient Chinese Medical Qigong teachings, and a Scorpio nature have helped thousands of people and animals overcome unusual hard to heal symptoms.

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