After years of adverse childhood challenges, relationship issues, ... and possibly the death of a loved one, are trauma reactions affecting your life?


  • your trauma load is too heavy and you need quick effective relief.
  • you are now suffering with -- a wild and unpredictable cascade of mind-body reactions --  which are turning your life upside down and inside out. You really want to regain your health and get  your life back on track.
  • talk therapy and tapping isn't quick enough, you want to accelerate your healing journey.

More than anything, you want to feel good!

Release Trauma Quickly: Accelerate Healing

Using a psychic blend of intuition, empathic sensing and Medical Qigong energy healing Maury reads the story in your body and accelerates your return to wellness. As he releases the yucky, deeply convoluted, energetic roots of trauma memories, stagnation in your body begins to clear. This non-touch healing method facilitates improved blood flow and a return to feeling good without the use of expensive pharmaceuticals or supplements.

Maury empathically monitors your subtle energy body

As Maury empathically monitors your subtle energy body he gently accesses the places in time and the corresponding places in your body where you are stuck to intentionally trigger, observe, and energetically discharge the roots of unhealthy subconscious reaction patterns. 

As the charge or trauma memories are intentionally triggered adverse mind-body reaction patterns vibrationally reveal themselves for quick and easy desensitization and removal from your cellular memory.  You no longer need to be controlled by the charges of your past.

Your body relaxes when the pressure or charge of a trauma memory dissipates.

Moving on, releasing issues one after the next we transforming your history of tightness or stuckness into a state of deep relaxation with peace of mind. The patterns held in muscles, tendons, tissues and bone are guided to release the memories they are holding and drain the emotions of fear, anxiety and anger.

Maury supports your body to digest the past and improve digestion of daily life. 

With a new sense of lightness, body freedom, and expansiveness, hard to heal challenges resolve. A new sense of creative flow and optimism awakens.

About Maury

Using a creatively innovative sense of guidance, Maury blends 30 years of transformational Vibranetics™ experiences, time honored natural energy healing gifts, and ancient Medical Qigong healing methods to help you address and resolve your unique needs. His consciousness guided methods are safe, non-touch, fully clothed and respect your integrity.

Most session are by telephone (skype) but can also be in person.

"sessions with Maury are a true healing journey."

Childhood Trauma

Your earliest childhood trauma to present day realities affect your physical wellness and emotional well being. The energetic relationships or charge you have with adverse memories affect how you see and interact with the world and vice versa. These charges can be absorbed from others, passed down in the womb or from a past life.

Fortunately most trauma reaction patterns can be transformed relatively quickly using Maury's methods.

Allergies, Sensitivities

Sensitivity and allergy reactions can cause hundreds of symptoms ranging from sneezing, runny nose, and headache to chronic fatigue, brain fog, muscular issues, cancer.

Maury created The Allergy Code™ for people with extreme chronic allergies or mysterious reactions.

The Allergy Code™teaches you to safely navigate the extremely challenging world of food and environmental triggers with powerful inner guidance methods.

Desensitizing your body to the energy of environmental triggers teaches your body to not react to them, even if you are not sure what they are by name.

There are an infinite number of triggers in the environment and clouds, what is your reaction prevention strategy?

Spirit Path Qigong

Feeling good, all day, every day is a goal you can strive for and achieve most of the time with a 100% commitment.

Using a blend of guided healing and Qigong self care methods, you will guided with many of the same methods Maury used to transform his health after 50 years of extreme chronic allergy, sensitivities and fatigue reactions to mostly stellar health.

You don't have to navigate the challenges of your personal wellness journey alone.

Primal Trauma Release

Maury has created a sub-specialty he calls 'Primal Trauma' Release which focuses on your earliest "major" trauma after birth. This particular trauma which everyone has experienced has unique characteristics and affords a profound amplification of your healing potential once resolved. learn more