Hello, I'm Maury,


Since 1988 I've helped healers and others who are already helping themselves to go deeper, discover, and release their obstacles to healing. Working together we release your "primal trauma" stories which have coagulated into stuck cellular memory patterns, dissolve sabotaging beliefs and minimize sensitivity or allergy reactions. This process frees your mind, relaxes physical tightness, and supports immune system rejuvenation.

My safe, gentle, non-touch transformational Vibranetics™methods help you shed a lifetime of baggage, climb out of your rut, and jumpstart your life.

VIDEO insert notes: {In 1988 when the gifts of energy healing abilities surprisingly started flowing through me my hands felt a subtle vibrational field a few inches from my partner's head. I had no idea of what to do but was passionately drawn to play with the field and explore its many subtleties. When we stopped a short while later her 3 day extreme headache was gone.

"My specialty is empathically finding, intuitively understanding and creatively discharging the adverse stories which are causing reactions and disrupting your wellness. As stories are released, your body, mind and life heals itself."

Maury Brooks