Since 1988 I've helped adults who are ready for change release their "primal trauma" history and overcome allergenic triggers. This safe, gentle, non-touch process frees your mind, relaxes physical tightness, facilitates immune system rejuvenation and allows transformational healing to happen.


"My specialty is empathically finding, intuitively understanding and creatively discharging the adverse vibranetic stories which disrupt wellness. As the stories are released, your body and mind heals themselves."

Maury Brooks





Primal Trauma

Your earliest childhood trauma to present day realities affect your physical wellness and emotional well being. The energetic relationships or charge you have with adverse memories affect how you see and interact with the world and vice versa. These charges can be absorbed from others, passed down in the womb or from a past life.

Fortunately most trauma reaction patterns can be quickly released with Vibranetics™.

Sensitivity Reactions

Sensitivity and allergy reactions can cause hundreds of symptoms ranging from sneezing, runny nose, and headache to chronic fatigue, brain fog, muscular issues, cancer.

Maury created The Allergy Code™ for people with extreme chronic allergies or mysterious reactions.

The Allergy Code™teaches you to safely navigate the extremely challenging world of food and environmental triggers with powerful inner guidance methods.

Desensitizing your body to the energy of environmental triggers teaches your body to not react to them, even if you are not sure what they are by name.

There are an infinite number of triggers in the environment and clouds, what is your reaction prevention strategy?


Feeling good, all day, every day is a goal you can strive for and achieve most of the time with a 100% commitment.

Using a blend of guided healing and Qigong self care methods, you will guided with many of the same methods Maury used to transform his health after 50 years of extreme chronic allergy, sensitivities and fatigue reactions to mostly stellar health.

You don't have to navigate the challenges of your personal wellness journey alone.