You know reactions are happening. Maybe you are feeling them as body pain or they're affecting your ability to think clearly, make good decisions and have a quality relationship. You just want them to go away.

Reactions can have many causes. With a system I created called Vibranetics™ and ancient Qigong Energy Heals methods I intuitively and empathically communicate with the subtle vibrational essence of your body to find healing answers. In one session we typically release the charge from a selection of subconscious trauma memories to cleanse old wounds. Your body and mind heals by itself once the rancid charge held in wounds are cleansed. You experience a refreshing uplift in life as your body heals.

When I energetically communicate with your body's subtle vibrations it responds to my questions in many subtle ways. This process reveals an overview and tidbits of your master blueprint which is the complete story of your life. Your blueprint lets me see intuitively with my mind and empathically with my body the patterns of reactions which are taking place in your body, mind and life. Empathically I feel at the cellular level in my body the extremely subtle vibrational responses your body makes to things you say, my intuitive thoughts, the energy of sensitivity or allergy triggers and the patterns of reaction which take place. 

We are all driven by our patterns of reaction. During an introductory deep clean session lasting 1-4 hours (you choose the length)  I help you begin to understand your patterns of reaction and introduce self care techniques which support your unique needs. After you have experienced the power of Vibranetics™ you may want a series of private or group sessions to cleanse a lifetime of compounding complex wounds.

My Vibranetics™ collection of creative solutions evolved out of extreme personal necessity and while helping many thousands of people overcome their healing challenges and feel good. During private or group guided healing sessions by telephone or in person I guide you to release memories, accelerate healing, and reclaim your life.


Meet Maury Brooks, Creator of the Vibranetics™ Healing System

Minimize reactions, accelerate healing!

You deserve to feel good in all aspects of your life.
Live, navigate, connect and thrive.






Release your trauma wounds and
redefine your relationship

to all aspects of life. 

Awaken your ability to
value your yourself and
ediscover the real you.

Rehumanize your life!


Vibranetics™ guides you to
feel and
the intuitive wisdom and

healing power of YOUR subtle vibrations.




timeline blueprint of your story and a few tidbits which guide the journey. It may guide us to release your Primal Trauma™, the recent death of a loved one, divorce, sexual or physical abuse, the list of trauma types we can release is extensive. 

We may be guided to work on sensitivity reactions that might stem from food, environmental or people challenges. The Allergy Code™ which I have been evolving since 2004 has solutions for most types of sensitivity reactions. The Allergy Code™was created and perfected out of personal necessity. After 50 challanging years challenged with very extreme chronic sensitivity reactions I made a 100% commitment to overcome all sensitivity reactions. I am almost there.

Addressing your whole being is what I do. As we heal reaction patterns I guide you to reclaim your life and navigate choices with the guidance of your own inner spirit for the most satisfying, joyful and healthy life path. 


and we can look from a trauma, or sensitivity reaction perspective



Depending on the nature of your reactions and healing goals we may address your Primal Trauma™


 I communicate with what your body, subtle vibrat and we can look from a trauma, or sensitivity reaction perspective

Like a computer hard packed tight with long lost data, your body and mind remembers everything until you release the trauma charge from your subconscious memory system and reset your reaction patterns.

Childhood 'Primal Trauma™': Many people have little or no recollection of their first major childhood trauma. For some people it could a family move away from loved ones, for others it was an abusively extreme event. For your Primal Trauma™ and all my work I do not need to know anything about story. I read and work with reactive interactive subtleties of your energy body and the flow or obstruction of your life's energetic timeline. This tells me all I need to know.

Releasing your Primal Trauma and resetting your reaction patterns is an extremely profound experience for most people. Later down the page I will write about the Primal Trauma healing journey and how it impacts identity, self love, relationships and deep joy. While I help people with all aspect of releasing trauma and reclaiming their life I am most excited when someone starts their Primal Trauma release because it is foundational to all future healing. 


Personally journey should be the starting point of all major life healing and everyone should



Weather or not you have memories

or the ability to feel deep pain, trauma wounds affect decision making, relationships and how you feel throughout the day. You just want them to go away.

Using time proven Vibranetics™ methods,
I help people who are committed to reclaiming their life
detox trauma wounds they may not even remember,
overcome subconscious reaction patterns, and


YOu deserve to feel whole 24x7.


Hello, I'm Maury. <insert video VIDEO insert notes: {In 1988 when the gifts of energy healing abilities surprisingly started flowing through me my hands felt a subtle vibrational field a few inches from my partner's head. I had no idea of what to do but was passionately drawn to play with the field and explore its many subtleties. When we stopped a short while later her 3 day extreme headache was gone.




 Lets Release your Trauma wounds so you can
redefine your relationship to all aspects of life. 

learn to
value your yourself and
ediscover the real you.

Rehumanize your life!


Vibranetics™ guides you to
feel and
the intuitive wisdom and

healing power of YOUR vibrations.
Minimize reactionsaccelerate healing!


You might process the energy of grief and cry,
have some tissues handy.

Reconnect your heart to your head.
Be the authentic you.



Stay true to who you really are,
you don't have to wear a mask.


Vibranetics™ defined
(vi·bra·net·ics \ˈvī-brə-ˈne-tiks\)   (noun, adjective, verb) The name for my healing system describes the profound practice and experience of observing, exploring and transforming subtle body vibrational sensations to guide significant healing. 

The term is created from the union of 'vibrational-energetics' and the suffix  '-etics' which refers to the action of actively observing your own vibrations from the perspective of an outside observer.

About Vibranetics™

'Everything vibrates' and causes a unique ecological community of vibranetic patterns within and outside of you which can guide you towards healing or adversely affect your life. It is guided by your dynamic transformation of physical feelings, chemical reactions, mental thoughts, psychic insights, olfactory observations, visual experiences, biological responses, taste sensations, spirit communication and other means. 

When my Vibranetics™ healing gifts started flowing through me I discovered that the dynamic subtle vibrations I felt in my mind, hands and body are the voice of spirit guiding me with answers. 

The name Vibranetics™ is trademarked and owned by me, Maury Brooks. You may use it to represent or describe your vibranetics sensations or Vibanetics™healing journey experiences. It may not be used to represent healing products other than those offered by Maury Brooks, Vibranetics™ or trained Vibranetics™ practitioners with an active license to use and market the products.

examples of usage: A Vibranetics™ healing path, A Vibranetics™ journey, vibranetics experience, vibranetics observation, vibranetics knowing insight or intuition,


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ignite Self esteem

Get OUT of your head and into your heart




 and your abilities will improve with time, practice and ability to maintain your breath awareness.




. is cleaning your filters (Primal Trauma and other major trauma blocks) and learning to


I have also observed that I can feel or share subtle vibrations with other people from any distance.



and world simply by cultivating a profound consciousness of vibrational energies and how to use them for healing purposes.


 purposes of the vibrational energies most people can feel in their body. It includes methods to help you feel the subtle vibrations you may not be able to feel at this time and simple inexpensive vibranetics tools or methods which guide and nurture you on your healing journey.


Vibranetics™ Journeys Guide You To Accelerate Healing and Reclaim Your Life

  • We start by purging the life strangling charge of trauma memories to eliminate their old vibranetics roots which drive trauma reactions. Without the charge, emotional wounds will heal by themselves.
  • As major issues are resolved, other major or secondary issues rise to the surface for release automatically, with self care methods or assisted by Maury.
  • Developing the abilities to identifying and either desensitizing or navigating reaction triggers is a critical key to reclaiming your life!!! How to coaching helps you minimize trauma, sensitivity or allergy reactions to adverse memories, people, food, and environmental causes.
  • Vibranetics teaches you to identify energy reaction patterns and how they interact with ALL your mind-body health challenges.
  • Vibranetics journeys guide you to awaken and cultivate a strong inner spirit connection. Your connection empowers and motivates your life healing journey.
  • Most clients feel significantly better most of the time. As your vast network of trauma reaction patterns releases or you unconsciously trigger unresolved patterns your healing process may be challenging or bumpy. This is usually temporary and can be accelerated with Vibranetics release methods.
  • Vibranetics is a dynamic step by step processes. You will be guided to customize it for your specific needs.
  • Joyfully reclaim your life and health.


Vibranetics™ does not diagnose, require use or give advice about testing, injections, allopathic medicines, natural supplements, etc..  These can be used at your discretion with other healing practitioners or your doctor.



My safe, gentle, non-touch process
frees your mind,
relaxes physical tightness, and
facilitates immune system rejuvenation.
It helps you reclaim your life.


Since 1988, I have been helping many thousands of people release subconscious memories, reawaken self love and heal their life.  My energy work and teachings, guided by intuitive insights and empathic sensitivities help you to experience freedom, empowerment and healing.


Feel the freedom!


Please note: It is common to feel transformational sensations of change in your body, mind and life both during and in the week after sessions unless you are being heavily numbed by strong medications.