Introductory Special:
For your first session I offer a special rate of $98./ hour, 1 hour minimum.

Normal Rate: $125/ hour, 1 hour minimum.

Longer sessions are prorated at the hourly rate.
House calls or custom locations may have a surcharge which I will inform you of when you book your session.

Payment plans or sliding scale hardship rates may be available after the first session.



During a session as we talk by telephone, skype or in person I

  • observe your mind body psychic energy flow and discover reaction causing weaknesses or energetic relationships in need of healing.

  • send pinpoint focused healing energies

  • remove major obstructions with a delicate touch

  • help you integrate a Vibranetics™ consciousness into your life. Vibranetic tools and abilities help you to successfully navigate reaction triggers, accelerate healing and reclaim your life 7 days a week.

A Vibranetics™ consciousness is an objective observation of your body's subtle vibration and reaction patterns.

Objectivity comes from the sense of an outside observer, a spirit guide of sorts who helps prevent emotionally reactive or in your head answers. Your observer tells it like it is. 

Your ability to accurately interpret and understand your body's vibrational language is a potent self healing and life navigation tool. Attending to your vibrational messages accelerates healing and amplifies the good parts of life.


Strategically releasing stuck energetic charges creates an exponentially deep cleaning and relaxed state. Your relaxed body heals itself. Your soothed mind no longer controls you.

Vibranetics™ guides you to minimize reactions and hold the deep relaxation state. Life healing it promotes exciting benefits which expand over time.


Transformation happens.