The ‘7 Universal Keys for Healing Chronic Disease Symptoms’ are:


  1.  Make a 100% commitment to healing
  2. Detoxify energetically
  3. Be the captain of your life
  4. Navigate all choices with your energetic intuition
  5. Integrate simple healing tools into your life
  6. Cultivate self love healing energies
  7. Embrace food as your medicine

1. Make a 100% commitment to healing

The strength of your commitment radiates a confidence that empowers you to make the best healing choices.  Your confidence guides your journey to overcome chronic symptoms every day and supports true healing at deep foundational levels.  When you’re committed to something you accept no excuses, only results.

Healing is not always easy but when you are aiming for a bull’s-eye take a deep breath, re-commit, and give it everything you’ve got. Your commitment will provide clarity when the going gets tough. You should keep giving all and be conscious of your decision when you choose to give anything less. Whatever level of commitment you make, be clear about it to yourself and gracefully accept your results.


2. Detoxify Energetically

Cleanse the toxic residue of emotions, entities and emotional wounds from your body and mind. Energetic detoxification rapidly releases childhood trauma, PTSD, abuse and stuck memories without talk therapy.

This process also releases the energetic root of many abnormal growths such as tumors, cancer, internal scabbing, and other obstacles to healing. As the energetic component is released, hard masses can soften from the inside out - the opposite of how they are created in the body. If you choose to use this process in conjunction with surgery, it will prepare you for the procedure and support a much quicker rebound.  


3. Be the captain of your life

and take ownership of your own health. Good decisions, which affect your overall well-being, need to be made throughout the day. Each decision enhances your ‘Feel Good’ healing journey, is neutral or triggers an obvious or unknown negative reaction. You have the power to make conscious health rebuilding decisions.

As captain, own your power. You make the choices about you.  Stay focused on your path, take small steps toward your dreams, and seek guidance from others who support you with an empowering mindset.  Most important, always be willing to find happiness within.  


4. Navigate all choices with an energetic intuition  

Every decision affects your overall wellness chose carefully. Never assume the obvious just because it was ok before. Navigate foods, supplements, medicines or medical procedures (follow your doctor’s directions), body products, household products, relationships, people, and places with consciousness.

Maury guides you to use your own energetic intuition for the best advice and removes unconscious energetic obstacles to help you become aware of anything that triggers you so you can choose only that which supports you. While you are subscribed to the program Maury will also desensitize many unavoidable triggers for you such as environmental pollens, teach you how to reduce food reactions and selectively desensitize food triggers. 


5. Integrate simple healing tools into your life

 The ‘Feel Good, All Day, Every Day’ tools have proven themselves over time to be supportive of the healing process and relatively easy to learn and practice. Once learned this frees you to focus on connecting with the healing energy where you will get the most benefit.

 Practicing easy to learn Shen Dao (spirit path) Medical Qigong movements, meditations and postures heals your body, builds energy reservoirs and gently awakens your self-healing gifts. ‘Feel Good’ tools guide you to embrace the depths of your true self by supporting the resolution of many subtle challenges as they arise.  


6. Cultivate self-love healing energies

Self-love lightens your path, accelerates healing and takes life to a whole new level. Many chronic issues can be managed and transformed on a day-to-day basis with simple self-love practices. Self-love goes to the core of your everyday relationship with life. It starts with the subconscious reactions in your body, your name and expands to incorporate all unconscious thoughts.

Your choice to look for and explore happiness supports the fire of love inside of you and provides a nourishing healing warmth. Most important, honor every aspect of your uniqueness.


7. Embrace food as your medicine

 Our human biome is a microcosm of bacteria and other living creatures that in harmony maintain the well being of your mind, body and emotions. When it is out of balance, sickness happens.  Our goal is to support the recreation and maintenance of balance in your gut and body. Using food as your primary medicine can heal hundreds of physical and mental disease symptoms.

A good variety of quality foods give you important nutrients, enzymes, and other properties to support long term healing.  The ‘Feel Good’ program does not prescribe a specific diet or philosophy of what to eat. It does support you to use your energetic intuition to navigate the challenging world of food and carefully pick the foods that naturally support rebuilding and healing. Maury will teach you how to create an energetic resonance with your food before eating.


 The 7 Universal Keys for Healing Chronic Disease are the guiding principles for our ‘Feel Good, All Day, Every Day program’ created by Maury Brooks, Medical Qigong Practitioner.  © Maury Brooks, 2016,