The Allergy Code Solution™ addresses hard to heal food and environmental sensitivity challenges which may be traumatizing your immune system and affecting your quality of life.

If you are highly sensitive and have been experiencing reactions for years it can be traumatic everytime your body goes into the same old reaction pattern. You may know a few of your triggers such as certain foods, pollen, mold, store environments, clouds, dust, or other people's energies but how to safely navigate life and thrive in spite of your allergies is an ongoing challenge you are still working on.

On this page Maury shares with you how and why he evolved The Allergy Code Solution™ 2.0.

The Allergy Code Solution™:

  • teaches you to navigate food and some environmental reaction challenges with a refined intuitive approach to minimize or prevent allergy reactions and support the creation of reaction free living and stellar health.
  • uses an energy based intuitive-empathic approach to identify allergy or reaction triggers.
  • desensitizes many food, environmental and sensitivity triggers to prevent reactions
  • 'The Allergy Code Solution does not prescribe nor condone medicines or supplements to create a reaction free healthy live. It does not require allergy testing or diagnose specific allergies. It is not a one size fits all approach although there are basic principles which everyone with allergies should use to support their healing journey.
  • The Allergy Code Solution is a blend of methods which * teaches you to navigate food challenges with a refined intuitive approach * desensitizes environmental and most other challenges * teaches you how to successfully prevent allergy reactions.

Mysterious triggers can come from the trillions of substances in the clouds which mix with crops, go into your foods, and the air you breathe. For some people we simply eliminate or desensitize a small number of food items and all their reactions disappear 100%. For others we need to energetically identify the energy field of triggers and desensitize your relationship to them, even if we don't know their name and cannot physically see them.

My Allergy Story

For fifty years of my life I severely suffered with extreme chronic allergies to most foods and an extensive list of environmental and other sensitivities. It was so bad that I would sneeze 100 times in a row and have side effects such as brain fog, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, runny nose, dyslexia, wiry feeling in my muscles which caused structural misalignments, and a long list of other issues. My badly traumatized immune system challenged my ability to function physically and emotionally 7 days a week as a responsible father, business person, healer, partner, and friend. Life has been a yoyo going from one trigger reaction to the next, trying my best to hide my reactions from the world. It was hell.

In 1969 when tests showed me allergic to 75% of the 60 or so triggers they tested me for, there was no solution. As a 10 year old boy I was not about to give up all the foods on the list. I gave up dairy intermittently over the years but it always snuck back in. As for all the other items, it was hopeless. Allergy medicine only made me feel bad in other ways so at age 11, I stopped taking allergy medicines and said no to the discussion of allergy shots.

Overwhelmed by the challenge I slowly explored solutions in bits and pieces over the years. Partial solutions such as yoga, qigong, herbal supplements, enimas, fasting, desensitization and Paleo diet  helped but they were never enough of a solution or required a motivation beyond what I could maintain. A good solution needs to be empowering in the moment and help me navigate all the challenges of life such as eating at restaurants, parties or while travelling. It also needed to dynamically address all my triggers.

The Allergy Code™ Solution

In May 2015 I was barely able to lift my head off my pillow while suffering with allergy induced chronic fatigue.  At that time I made a commitment to myself that I would create a 100%  solution for overcoming ALL my allergies. Since there was no complete healing system to help me successfully manage or overcome my very extreme challenges I would have to discover a solution.

In bits a pieces over time I discovered answers and tested ideas. With the assistance of my girlfriend, healer Astrid Akaria I found the answers. By the end of 2015 allergy attacks and side effects were becoming a thing of the past. I had discovered ways to safely navigate food allergies to avoid being triggered and was finding ways to prevent or minimize reactions when I entered stores and other challenging environments. 

As one aspect of sensitivities are conquered I can clearly see the next category and work on it. My latest challenge which I have been working with is energy draining reactions from environmental sensitivities to natural or man made gases in the clouds. I have been having great success desensitizing my relation to the energetics of the clouds before the reach me. Clouds are interesting because they bring everything from everywhere. 

Maury Helps Clients Prevent Allergy Reactions

During sessions Maury connects with all kinds of energies and empathically observes which allergens trigger reactions which are taxing his clients immune system. He know how a challenged immune system can make a person feel really bad, trigger trauma reactions patterns, PTSD and the many conditions his clients are trying to overcome.

He teach you to passionately navigate food or sensitivity issues which are keeping you small and preventing your ability to heal or live an empowered life. 

The Allergy Code Solution™:

  • does not tell you what to eat or not eat.
  • It teaches you how to cultivate and effectively use your awakened spirit connection to navigate the food maze and make safe food, supplement, and medicine choices.
  • It can be used with diets such as The Paleo Diet to your unique needs and it is super helpful when you go out to parties and restaurants and do not have the benefit of exact ingredient lists. The Allergy Code™ Solution compensates for the many unknowns.
  • I can and should be used to explore all potential triggers.

As a disclaimer, I must say that you should always consult your doctor before modifying your use of pharmaceuticals or doing anything different in your life. 

I teach people to avoid triggering reactions with conscious food choices and desensitize environmental or other triggers which they cannot avoid. While I can desensitize most sensitivities fairly easily I do not believe that food desensitization is always the the best if creating stellar health . 

The immense quantity of natural and man made particulates and gases in the air requires us to energetically desensitize all environmental sensitivities even though we do not know them by name or scientific testing. Intuitively avoiding the consumption of trigger foods versus desensitizing them allows my trained students to quickly have trigger clarity and create healing when occasional issues arise. 

My experience has demonstrated to me that desensitization can be a very effective approach for many allergy or sensitivity challenges and for some issues it may not be permanent.

Personally I am committed to never having an allergy attack again and The Allergy Code™Solution is helping me accomplish this goal.

Would you like to stop having traumatic sensitivity reactions and help your immune system heal?