The Allergy Code teaches the body to relax when it encounters a desensitized trigger and not go into its former reaction pattern. With 12 years of evolution and a steep learning curve it has evolved to become the Vibranetics Allergy Code™ (VAC).

With VAC I still use energy healing to desensitize many sensitivities and allergies but I no longer use or recommend it for foods desensitization until later in the healing journey after critical emotional components are better addressed.  

Today using the Vibranetics Allergy Code™ I teach my clients to

"navigate what they can and desensitize the rest".

This approach is a much safer long term empowering solution with immense benefits.

VAC uses Vibranetics energy healing to awaken intuitive abilities which are then used for dynamically knowing which foods you can safely consume or need to avoid. Once you cultivate and master your Vibranetics™ abilities your degree of accuracy can be quite high.

I regularly use this method at parties or restaurants and only get hit with surprise reactions from foods on very rare occasions if I am careless and my observation is not objective.


Vibranetics™ uses body vibrations as a reaction meter to test everything


The goal is to minimize reactions.

Without reactions most issues heal by themselves
without medicine or SUPPLEMENTS.


*  Note: With The Allergy Code I personally experienced desensitized foods becoming triggers again after several years. I now view food desensitization as unwise and believe it sets someone up for future failure with potentially serious implications. There are many reasons why this can happen which are addressed more effectively in VAC.