Reactions can cause hundreds of symptoms or illnesses.

Sensitivity, allergy or food intolerance reactions can cause hundreds of symptoms or illnesses ranging from sneezing, runny nose, and headache to chronic fatigue, brain fog, dyslexia, muscular issues, and cancer.

Since 2004 I have been evolving The Allergy Code™ for people like myself who are challenged by extreme chronic sensitivities and over time have experienced 20-30 types of reactions. After 50 years of extensive sneezing, runny nose, intermittent chronic fatigue, dyslexia, brain fog and other extreme reactions to most foods and many environmental challenges I said enough and made a 100% commitment to overcoming all reactions. Today medium to heavy cloud cover is one of the only unresolved challenges.

Cultivate and practice powerful inner guidance methods

The Allergy Code™supports you to

  • cultivate and practice powerful inner guidance methods to intuitively identify and safely navigate the extremely challenging world of food, environment, people and life triggers which will cause you to have an adverse reaction.
  • clear your obstacles to truly connecting with your gut guided intuition and you refine your navigation abilities. I have found that once you have completed this step  it can be very accurate most of the time. I always encourage that it be used with wisdom also especially when navigating dangerously reaction triggers.
  • use these inner guidance methods for much more than just allergies, they help you navigate a supportive life path and smooth out many of the yoyo challenges of life.

Desensitize your body

Desensitization teaches your body that many of its present triggers are safe and that it does not need to react. We can desensitize your body to most environmental triggers, the energy of specific people and so much more.

The Allergy Code™ Philosophy

Given the dynamic nature of sensitivities and reactions I have loosely come to the conclusion that it is often advisable to

'Navigate what you can and desensitize the rest'

This philosophy is based on my personal experience that that desensitization of allergies is not always permanent fix but for some things may be. There are some variables around all foods so this issue so it is not a hard and fast rule. I will expand this teaching in the future.

Philosophy Exceptions: 

>>> Note: If you are want to desensitize select food allergies you should master your intuitive navigation abilities first to minimize mysterious future reaction issues and improve long term wellness in the case of a desensitization failure. . <<<

>>If you have an anaphylactic reaction history we might consider desensitization to be a safety backup after you have mastered your intuitive navigation abilities<<

There may be an infinite number of potential triggers in our world.

If you are suffering from mysterious reactions there is a good chance I can significantly help you minimize or eliminate your suffering if you are willing to actively participate in your self care.

This process frees your mind, relaxes physical tightness, and supports immune system rejuvenation.

What is your strategy to prevent reactions?


Sabotaging Beliefs

Sabotaging beliefs around issues such as relationship, money, happiness, family patterns, success are simply reaction patterns guided by memory triggers, sensitivities and health issues. 

To help you overcome sabotaging beliefs and thrive we identify and release the reaction patterns which are driving them. The intuitive teachings of The Allergy Code™ are integrated to help you navigate opportunities or challenges as they arise, before they sabotage your life.