Your history proceeds you until you discharge it. Erasing the energy of adverse times is long ke removing files frommyour computer hard drive. We release the charge of trauma memorys and send them off for cosmic repoicessing. The spce they were hogging in your physical body and mind loosens. The flow of healing blood and healthy qi energies returns. Healing is happening.

Let's reset your life and watch all the amazing results. Those draggy feelings can melt, yourmind becomes free and you start ti rediscover your youthful self. Healing really is possible.

Maury specializes in helping people live without a daily barage of trauma and sesnsitivity reactions and guides them to discover, unveil and awaken their true selves.

You are unique but have been running your old clunky siftware program. It is your turn to step up to the plate and say YES to life and feeling great.

Your journey of life has you as the main component. It says 'YouR' and then has a space for YOU to fill un the blank. Your results from profound moment to moment decisions can dictate how you feel for hours days or weeks.

R YOU making the best decisuons for you, your loved ones and stepping onto a path which will reward you or one which will create adverse reactions which leave you feeling shitty?

I spent 50 years trying to figure out how to stop adversely reacting to a very extreme case of sensitivities and allergies. Today I am reaction free most of the time and when I do react it is minor compared to my treacherous reaction history.

I live by the same methods I will share with you.   I created a system I call Vibranetics to hold and sharea great collection of teaching and healing gifts which have awoken in my life.

Vibranetics has matured through my former school of hard knocks and thanks to many thousands of client who have worked with me to overcome the challanges in their life.

I am an energy healer who discovered my gifts when the starting flowing through me in 1988. I was in Flagstaff Arizona with my bride of 8 months. For 3 days straight she had a chronic migraine like headache. No matter what she did it would not go away. Massaging did not help until, ... I lifted my notmal human hands from her head so I could reposition.  Wow, was I surprised when I encountered a field of energy a few inches from her head. Out of curiosity I played with this balloon 🎈 like energy. In a shory while her headache went away ... and now here I am today with 30 years of healing experiences helping many many thousands of people.

I studied and explored trying to find an understanding and healing solutions for al my clients. Gratefully I can say I successfully helped many people and animals feel better and have a better life.

Like a good wine my work has only gotten better with time, wisdom and experience.

I invite you to register for my newletter si I can share with you some of the amazing self care methods which have helped myself and clients. Weather we ever meet and work together or not, if I help you with a teaching I share in my Vibranetics Newsletter the world will be a better place.

I share with love and hope to meet you online or in person at a free or fee life changing healing event.

With live and joy