Feel Good, All Day, Every Day

When you acknowledge energy, it moves or changes. Your subconscious lets go, and your body begins to heal.” 
~ Maury Brooks, Qigong Energy Healer 

Do you suffer from one or more of the 200+ illnesses which can stem from trauma, allergies, and sensitivities? Did you know they can affect your brain, breathing, digestion, immune system, spinal alignment, and most parts of your body. They can also create emotional challenges such as depression, lack of self love, phobias, lack of will power and an unbalanced mindset which affects how you relate to the world. You may be experiencing chronic fatigue, brain fog or having a hard time healing.  

Allergies, sensitivities and trauma often impact the way you interact with your family, friends and co-workers without you being aware of it. Even if you realize you are being triggered, most times you don't know the cause.

Do you want to overcome allergies? 

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Release the roots of trauma to release the grip subconscious memories have on your life. How would it feel to have your true self set free? This unique thought driven method unlocks the subconscious energy of major trauma secrets and sets them free without the need to talk about the memories. It empowers you to take control of your life healing journey.

The Allergy Code™ helps you eliminate or take control of the allergies so they no longer run your life. When allergens and sensitivities are no longer pulling you down, healing occurs on many levels.

Qigong Energy Heals™ is a merging of Harvard University proven ancient Chinese healing methods and new innovative methods. It incorporates advanced profound energy healing concepts, simple yet powerful Medical Qigong exercises along with my healing art, sounds, crystals and more.

All healing sessions are non-touch and can take place at my Santa Fe / Eldorado office or long distance.

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