I have never uncovered a deeper source within myself. Your healing work and your teaching of techniques is immediately real to my entire body, it sinks deep inside of me in a way that shifts reality. My body feels like mine again.”
My experience of Maury is that he dwells in the higher states of loving consciousness. His eye contact during sessions is deeply healing and intimate. His presence makes me know my own higher self. Maury’s work has helped me make huge leaps in healing severe abuse pains and lack of self love that I have not been able to cope with before, even after years of much effort. He’s truly a beautiful healer.
— T.K.

How Vibranetics™ energy healing works

In a scientifically odd “quantum” way the vibrating molecules in your body broadcast your energy story into our shared cosmological space. This spiritual reality connects our minds and bodies as one across any distance.

Someone such as myself who with 30 years of experience has extensively cultivated their innate energy healing gifts with training and refinement practices can from any distance

  1. empathically feel the extremely subtle vibrational resonance of your molecules in corresponding parts of my body,

  2. intuitively interprets them, and

  3. strategically with my mind guide unbalanced symptom causing energies to release stuckness and reset.

As the life controlling emotions of old trauma stories release their typical behavior patterns your mind calms, energy channels fill, muscles, tendons and organs reset and profound healing happens. Your bones from head to toe moves into alignment by themself as skeltal distorting body tightness releases.

With balance and flow improved many types of pain turn off. Vibranetics™ literally changes your life for the better.

Sessions are a gentle and safe, non-touch massage from the inside out.

I read your story

Continuously your thoughts and emotions trigger an extensive series of subtle body energy responses leading to wellness or symptoms such as structural misalignment, stiffness and pain. During your session I energetically tune in to your subtle body to empathically feel your bodies energy response patterns, intuitively explore your bodies energy response patterns and identify root cause anomalies.

As your story unravels I creatively and strategically guide unhealthy energies and mind chatter to release, tendons, muscles and organs relax. Bones naturally align as body tightness releases. It’s a very intimate process.

Pain and memories naturally relax

Pain and memories naturally relax allowing full mind-body trauma response patterns subconsciously held since childhood, inherited or from a more recent event to release. A particular childhood trauma event I call a “primal trauma” often locks people into a life long rigid fear response pattern. I love when people discover the feeling of freedom from their pattern of hiding.

Many success stories over the years are with people who have not been able to find solutions using conventional healing methods and have been told by their doctor they could not be helped.

While the main focus of my work is guided healing I also like to share ‘Shen Dao’ Medical Qigong techniques for self healing.

Are you experiencing a domino effect of seemingly unrelated reactions which are affecting your mind, body and life?

It doesn't have to be this way.

If you are like most people, you don't really know what causes your PTSD and pain reactions. Reactions can be triggered by memories, people, places, weather, or even food… nothing makes total sense.

My goal is to help you create long term healing results?

Thank you so very much for all you did. It worked!

Are you ready to Reclaim Your Life?

I would love to help you when are you ready.

Let’s meet on the healing path.