When you discover your vibrational response patterns
to memories, thoughts, allergy and sensitivity triggers

You will be surprised at the accuracy of your body's vibrational story. You will soon discover how
Vibrations can be your ultimate navigational tool! 

With guidance, practice and awakening support
EverythingVibrates.com wisdom becomes a powerful life partner.

Hi, I’m Maury Brooks and I am a healing guide, artist, author and explorer with over 30 years of personal development and healing experience which I would love to share with you.

Welcome to my vibrational consciousness life healing web site.

As you discover the depths and potency of your vibrations and those at any distance
you will be awakening powerful life healing gifts and discovering a world of profound truths.


I will guide you to objectively explore your subtle body vibrations and cultivate advanced abilities to interpret, express and use the guidance they offer. 

Everything Vibrates has many components. It includes:

  • Self guided vibrational healing - You will be taught and guided to use feel you your subtle vibrations to improve intuition, and heal many types of pain and other symptoms. You will learn to use this in a wide assortment of ways

  • Dynamic energy healing - Using my naturally developed vibrational senses I read your vibrational body story for guidance to help you release stuck issues and accelerate the release of trauma and sensitivity triggering reactions.

  • Qigong Energy Heals™ is my dynamic interpretations of the Shen Dao Qigong healing system and Medical Qigong teachings. 

  • Primal TraumaRelease - while it specializes in the releases of a your first significant trauma after you are no longer being nourished in the arms of a parent or caregiver its quick release methods are used for all types of trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD. 

  • The Allergy Code™- this body of work is for all kinds of sensitivity reactions, not just the conventional items which your doctor might test for. 

  • Self Love and other empowerment components are designed to guide you back to wholeness on all fronts by simply customizing the same foundational methods used throughout the Vibranetics program.

  • Healing Art ( this is different than art therapy and will be re-introduced in the near future.)

  • Healing Sounds, healing stones, ... anything (everything) which has a vibrational field can be used as a healing tool if you know how to use it.

  • The Power of words and thoughts

  • Vibraloon™ - an extremely powerful healing tool I have spent 5 years testing and exploring personally and with clients. I hope to modify and re-publish my 'how to' Vibraloon book in the near future.




Everything Vibrates 

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