Maury is a naturally gifted energy healer. His methods are safe, gentle, non-invasive, and non-touch. He transmits universal healing energies with love to individuals or groups of people anywhere in the world using holographic energy methods.

Maury healing Mister

His methods re-balance and reset your subtle energy body, rejuvenate your physical body, and heal emotional or spiritual issues by releasing disease and energy obstructions that are often trauma based.

Maury’s abilities allow him to rapidly read your subtle energy body while transmitting the energies needed to support your healing flow.

Vibrational healing using many unusual methods has been a favorite addition to Maury’s healing practice over the years. In person clients often remember his use of vibrational tools including healing chimes, stones, essential oils, homeopathic energies, healing paintings, healing collage, healing videos, and crystalline balloons. He even wrote the vibrational book ‘Experience Miracles’ to help people experience their own vibrational healing power.

A wild bird sitting on my shoulder.

Maury on a walk-about in Thailand


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