Is conquering reactions your personal goal?

If YES is your answer, I would love to introduce you to some simple Vibranetics™ concepts which can change your life.


The  Vibranetics™ healing system is based on the simple formula:

Release Trauma Reactions,
Awaken Your Power, and
Navigate Life Choices
with power of spirit guidance.


  • Releasing trauma reactions is the process of clearing cellular reaction programs from your body.
  • Awaken your power is cultivation of the mind body connection to support your healing process all day, every day.
  • Navigate life choices with the power of spirit guidance is living with a 'consciously cultivated connection and guidance' from the divine. Some people need healing of their ability to effectively groundYou must be grounded for accuracy and use subtle interpretation methods for best accuracy.


With Vibranetics™ You get empowering choices to Feel Better by preventing reactions and encouraging feel good healing energies to permeate your life.



Let's THRIVE together. 

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I have found the key to long term healing is:
Learn how to prevent most reactions and rapidly stop the rest before they do excessive damage to your well being.

Meet you on the path.


“I have never uncovered a deeper source within myself. Your healing work and your teaching of techniques is immediately real to my entire body, It sinks deep inside of me in a way that shifts reality. My body feels like mine again.”  
client [In person then telephone sessions.]


Please Note: Vibranetics™ is about you releasing trauma, reclaiming your power and thriving with your inner power and intuitive guidance. There are no religious teachings or affiliations.  I do everything I can to make this highly specialized, non-touch, trauma intervention method safe for you.  ~ maury