Ideally you never want to have a reaction again. Realistically though it may happen.

Thankfully you can greatly reduce the odds, quantity, intensity, and duration of future reactions.

Recognizing that most physical and mental health problems are triggered by something the idea of preventing reactions starts to make more sense.


The Vibranetics™ Allergy Solution is designed to help you prevent and minimize and reactions.

1. Successfully navigate hidden food allergy triggers to minimize reactions. Accuracy can approach 100% with private healing support and practice.

2. Desensitize environmental and other sensitivities which cannot be navigated.

3. Learn to notice bellwether or advance warning signs alerting you to a pending reaction. Nip them in the bud. It is easier to change course and stop a reaction before it starts or is full blown. Rebound quicker and reclaim your life!

4. Learn techniques to desensitize environmental triggers as they arise


The straight scoop: In 2004 when I discovered The Allergy Code I desensitized everything with incredible results. What I discovered though is that my desensitization of food and other allergens may only last a few years.  I now view food desensitization as unwise. It can set you up for future failure with potentially serious implications except when it is used as a safety backup with dynamic food navigation methods such as Vibranetics™ or other highly accurate methods.  I am testing other methods to resolve this food desensitization issue and hopefully will change my opinion about this in the future.


after years of suffering,
a long term solution is the best path


Vibranetics™ uses objective self observation of your subtle body vibrations as a reaction meter to test everything.
When you cultivate your abilities the benefits will last a lifetime.

When reactions are prevented many issues heal by themselves
without medicine or supplements.